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One and Only Pencil Drawings and Free Hand Creations


Our professional services deliver impeccable designs, crafted by skilled artists to showcase your unique story.


Our skilled artists bring your ideas to life with precision and passion, crafting lasting works of art.


Transforms your concepts into singular works of art, where individuality and craftsmanship combine for lasting beauty.
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Story Behind Every Tattoo

Every tattoo carries a unique story. Whether it’s a cherished memory, a personal milestone, or an expression of identity, each inked design holds significance. From the delicate brushstrokes to bold symbols, these tattoos narrate the tales of individual journeys. They reflect emotions, experiences, and aspirations, etching them onto the canvas of skin.

Our skilled artists bring these narratives to life, preserving the essence of each story in ink. Explore the rich tapestry of human experiences through the artistry of tattoos, where every mark tells a story waiting to be heard.

Wise Tattoo Studio is a young and creative Tattoo Studio living in the center of Phuket- place famous among artists, creative persons and their art workshops.

In Wise Tattoo studio we will help you to realize your ideas and create your original tattoo design in the most popular styles as old school, new school , tribal, Chinese, Japanese, indian, Vikings tattoo, fonts as well as colored and black’n white tattoo.

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Our Services


Discover ‘Tattooing’ service, where skilled hands bring your vision to life, creating lasting body art that resonates with your story and style.

Fine Line Tattoos

Elevate your style with ‘Fine Line Tattoos’, where our skilled artists create intricate designs that embody elegance and individuality.


Expertly performed by our professionals, adding unique adornments that reflect your style and personality with precision and care.

Scar Cover Tattoo

Discover ‘Scar Cover Tattoo’, a transformative service where skilled designs empower, turning scars into symbols of strength and beauty.

Temporary Tattoo

Experience ‘Temporary Tattoo’, offering playful designs for creative expression, allowing you to switch up your look effortlessly.

Cosmetic Tattoo

Explore ‘Cosmetic Tattoo’, where skilled techniques create subtle enhancements for defined features, enhancing your natural beauty with precision.

Last Inks

Explore ‘Last Inks’, where skilled artists create timeless designs that resonate, leaving indelible impressions on your journey.

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